Selmer Mark VII Alto Sax- Silver.



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We are selling this this used Mark VII alto sax on consignment. It is in very good condition. The silver plate is almost 100% with the exception of the low D key which shows some raw brass through the plating. The owner selling the instrument has owned it since 1992 and is not aware of and does not believe it has ever been re-plated. Please see the photos. Although the pads are a bit discolored they are in good shape and very serviceable at the present time. The original case is in decent shape and usable as is the S80 C* mouthpiece.

The Mark 7 model (obviously!) followed the incredibly popular Mark 6 and was introduced in 1975. This horn was made in 1976. The Mark 7 features a larger bore and is a slightly bigger instrument all around. Players with smaller hands are typically not fans but conversely, players with medium or large hands often find the Mark 7 very much to their liking. 

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