Band Warm-up 3rd Ed. by Thomas Singletary for INDIVIDUAL purchase.



PLEASE NOTE: The 3rd edition is no longer available and Thomas is working on a new edition of his band Warm-up. Please stay tuned for the announcement! 


This wonderful warm-up package for concert bands features the following sections:

1. Melodic Warm-Up

2. Warm-Up in F

3. Play and Sing in Bb

4. Bb Concert Scale

5. Articulation Exercise (eighth notes)

6. Articulation Exercise (sixteenth notes)

7. Chromatic Scale Excercise

8. Lip Slur/Dynamic Exercise

9. Lip Slur/Arpeggio Exercise

10. Bb Chorale

11. Eb Chorale

12. Ab Chorale

Price includes 1 Directors Score and individual parts that may be copied as needed.

The warm-up is very flexible in that you can choose to do only some sections each day, and you can change the articulation exercises to complement the rhythms from the music you will be concentrating on during your rehearsal.  Suitable for middle school or high school groups! 

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