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Double Reeds

What band or orchestra could possibly be complete without the haunting, lyrical sounds of the double reeds? The Oboe, English Horn and Bassoon are certainly tricky instruments to master but the reward can be great! College scholarships abound for hard working double reed players. That is probably a good thing because playing these instruments can be a bit more costly that most other instruments. Decent reeds start at about $13 each so be careful with them! The Horn Section carries oboe and bassoon reeds by Jones and Eastman. We also stock a good supply of silk swabs as well as some reed making tools if you are so inclined! We are proud to be an authorized Fox oboe and bassoon dealer. These are some of the finest instruments made in the world. In the mean time here are some cool double reed web sites to check out!  (English Horn for the Oboist!)


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