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The Horn Section offers trombones from some of the worlds finest manufacturers. Among them are Bach, Conn, King, Holton, Getzen, Jupiter and Yamaha. Most students will start on a smaller bore instrument, usually around .500”.  When looking for a step-up instrument the most important consideration will be the type of music to be performed. The players who play primarily symphonic music will most likely want to move up to a large bore (.547”) tenor trombone. These instruments use a large shank mouthpiece and require a good steady supply of air! Players who are searching for a good instrument for jazz will usually find a smaller bore instrument, anywhere from .480-.508 a good fit. A good all around choice is the medium large tenor which has a bore size of .525.

We stock mouthpieces from Schilke, Bach, Giddings and Webster, Yamaha and Stork. Trombonist’s can find a wide variety of music at The Horn Section including the Jamey Aebersold jazz Play-Along series and many standard etude and method books. If you are looking for some great trombone music to listen to, look no further. Stop in and take a look around! In the mean time here are some trombone links to check out on the web:


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