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From Pete Fountain’s roaring Dixieland to the warm, sonorous tone of Sabine Meyer playing a Brahms Clarinet Sonata, the modern day clarinet is at home in a wide variety of musical styles. The Horn Section is an authorized dealer for Leblanc, Selmer and Yamaha instruments. These names are tried and true and offer a wide variety of instruments that can fit any style of playing. We typically have instruments in stock ranging from the entry level plastic instrument to the top end instruments like the Leblanc Concerto and Cannonball Arezzo “Piacere” model.

The mouthpiece, reed and ligature selection can be critical in achieving your desired sound. The Horn Section stocks a wide variety of these items to allow you the flexibility you need when searching  for “your” sound! Mouthpieces by Vandoren, Jewel, Dave Knox , Woodwind and Ridenour along with ligatures from Bonade, Rovner, Vandoren and others. We even have a few neck straps which have gained in popularity over the last few years.

We carry a large supply of the most requested method and etude books as well as some solo and ensemble music.

Stop by and say hello! In the mean time here are a few good clarinet related sites to check out while you are surfing!  (Bass Clarinet Site)


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