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Time for a Step-Up Instrument?

When is the best time to start thinking about a better quality instrument for your student musician? They quality of name brand student instruments has improved greatly in the last several years and most students can be well served by them for a number of years assuming […]

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OMG! That’s Disgusting!

It usually happens right around lunch time. I hear a groan from the general direction of the repair shop then a moment or two later it is followed by a pleading voice saying “You have to see what just came out of this horn!”  Although I know […]

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Rent-to Own: The Best Idea For New Students?

In the every day world of retail most people understand that rent-to-own means you’re paying a lot more than you otherwise would for an item and often for a brand of lesser quality. The beginning band and string world of rent-to-own here at The Horn Section/Strings Attached works […]

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